From The Podium

March from the Podium

How are we doing as a District? We are currently at a minus 10 on membership including the 9 who have passed.

On the positive side we have 3 club with 2 new members, 5 with 3, 4 with 4, 1 with 5, 1 with 6 and 1 with 9. While some of these clubs have lost members 12 of these clubs had net gains.

The downside is 31 clubs haven’t brought in any new members since 1 July. Potential new members are out there, you just have to go get them.

It’s time for election of officers and PU101’s. Remember every club needs to submit a PU101 even if you don’t change officers. It is also very important the PU101 has email and phone number of ALL officers.

Lee and I are continuing our visits to the clubs and enjoying the great hospitality we have been shown. We are grateful for all you do and continue to be impressed with the way you serve. We are looking forward to completing our visits to the last clubs on our list this spring.

Governor Bill Rowe inducts seven new members of the Ishpeming Lions Club.  He reminds clubs “It can be done!”
Left to Right:  Governor Bill Rowe, Stefan Butler, Kaitlyn Keto, Carl Carlson, Seth Wixtrom, Matt Ricketts, Gabe Seelen, Adam Johnson, President Dan Perkins