From The Podium

April from the Podium

Yes it is April already, the convention is almost upon us. 

It is a good time to make a last minute push for new members to help with all those summer projects.  You have been doing well all year.  As a District we are at a -1 for total membership which is a great start, but let’s try for a little cushion on the plus side.

If you haven’t held your elections you are behind and need to get on it.

PU101s:  Every club needs to submit one with officers even if they are the same as last year.  As of 9 April, half of you have not submitted your PU101s for 2015/2016.   We need to have that information for the roster book, including phone numbers and e-mails of all officers.

You have had a good year, why not make it a great year.

SD10 District Governor