From The Podium

April from the Podium

Thank you, Lions of Michigan’s Single District 10!

As we have been visiting you for the past three years (though we still have a few more places to go) we have been amazed and impressed with you all as you seek to serve your communities.  No matter the size of your group, you work together to help with the needs in your area, and do it in so many different ways.  You are unique, individual, and unbelievable (those of you who attended the convention will recognize the use of that last word).  We are very grateful for the opportunity to meet so many of you and learn what you do.

You have shown us great hospitality and friendliness:  sometimes feeding us, sometimes giving gifts, but always, always impressing us with your caring spirit.  You are a blessing to your community and to the Lions of Upper Michigan.  We thank you for inviting us to visit your clubs.  We look forward to seeing many of you again at Lions gatherings and conventions. Thank you for your service and continuing to serve.

Lee and Bill Rowe

From Around The District 10

Hello everyone,  
Elmers Country Market in Escanaba has offered to let Northwoods Airlifeline (NWALL) pick out a day to display the side-by-side in front of their store and sell tickets for it (the side-by-side). The date has not yet been determined. NWALL needs some people willing to tend the side-by-side and help sell tickets. Someone who is willing to help could set up the date with Elmers–the date would depend on who is available to help and when. Elmers would need to agree to the selected date.
Please let me know who in your club would be willing to help us out.
Thank you very much, 
Karen Stroobants
Co-Chair, SD10 NWALL Committee –
By Bart Spratto
GrahamAt our recent Lions membership meeting May 6th 2015, one of our members Gray Graham received the District 10 Lions Distinguished Service Award. District 10 encompasses 57 Clubs through out the entire U.P.
Graham joined the Manistique Lakes Lions Club in 1999. He was a key volunteer and now heads the 4th of July Chicken Barbeque which serves over 1,200 meals. In addition he is chairman of the Lions Brunch, which he has chaired since 2002 always ensuring the needed materials and workers are in place to serve the 200 to 250 customers.
He attends most meetings and works almost all Lions Club projects including the Toll Gate and 200 Raffle. He as also been a positive part of the community being a key fundraiser for the new Catholic Church and assisting with the landscaping of the new facility.
The attached pic shows Lion Vice District Governor Tom Lanaville making the presentation.