Lions of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

  • Dear Lion, Lions Clubs International will celebrate 100 years of service in 2017! I’m inviting you to be part of this special moment in our… [Continue Reading]

    Lions Clubs International will celebrate 100 years of service in 2017

Governor’s Podium

November 2014

November From the Podium

NovemberFor many of us November means deer hunting and Thanksgiving. Often we may forget about gaining Lions, but the need goes on. The more Lions we have the more we can help whether it be projects, fund raisers or finding those in need that we can help.

Those of you who go to camp often spend a great deal of time talking and catching up. There should also be opportunities to mention Lions, with the same being true for Thanksgiving. If nothing else just plant the seeds and harvest the new Lions later.

I have had a couple of positive experiences in the last month, once when in “uniform” on my way to a meeting and once when I had my Lions hat on when people have thanked me for my service. This not only feels good, but it shows we are doing a great job and people appreciate it.


Let’s be thankful for what we have, including the opportunity to help others. Display your Lion’s pride and invite someone to share in the pleasure of helping others thru Lionism.

I am starting to work on awards. While I will have visited almost all of our clubs I really don’t get an opportunity to know all of our Lions and the tremendous amount of work each of them do. I need your help. I am sure all of you have members deserving to be recognized. If you know of someone let me know who and why they deserve recognition.

We have visited a few more clubs, and have been greatly encouraged by seeing what you do for your communities. We thank you for your wonderful hospitality, too. It’s always enjoyable to meet with you and we look forward to the clubs we still have to visit.

Bill Rowe
District Governor, Single District 10