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by Gary Klop

I was able to attend a great cabinet meeting in Brampton with some of my fellow Lions–I know tempers flared–great discussions and debates were had, meeting was longer than normal–food was great, I got to drive and discuss a lot with a member from another club, and over all I had a great travel companion with Laker by my side , but otherwise we accomplish what we all are trying to do—–Help our fellow neighbors. When I am put in charge of a committee– get mad at me if you have to—- but remember I will fight for every penny I can for the great organization I am in charge of and in this case it is Leader Dogs. Our Organization, the Lions, was challenged years ago by Helen Keller to become Knights for the blind and I will continue to carry on that challenge to the best of my ability–fellow Lions–again thanks for a beautiful day and never give up on what you believe in. :o)


January 2015
January From the Podium


Jan 1 marks the halfway point in the Lions year. It has been a good half year. Membership wise the district is a -5 as of 30 December 2014. This is good but I know we can do better. I would like to thank the 6 Club Presidents who sponsored new members into their clubs. I would like, however, to challenge the other club presidents to Lead by example. If you sponsor a new member then you can tell the rest of your club members that if you can do it they should also be able to sponsor someone. The same holds true for the operation of your clubs: while It is not 100 %, there is a strong tendency that as the president goes so goes the club. It is important that you set a positive tone and attempt to make your club stronger and more able to help those in need. Yes, I have sponsored a new member this year. If you feel burned out or perhaps you feel you are doing more than your share, take the time to think of all the people you have helped. I have often used a trip to Bay Cliff to recharge my energy.

We have done a great deal of good and I am sure I have only heard part of it. I am asking all the Club Secretaries to report your activities electronically .

Lions Lee, Kris, and I attended the open house at Bay Cliff 29 December. There were 6 Lions in attendance. It was a positive experience and the weather even cooperated.   Bay Cliff was beautiful in winter as usual..

Bill Rowe
District Governor, Single District 10