From The Podium

February 2015 From the Podium

Happy Valentine’s Day. Why not give someone a gift that keeps on giving, membership in your Lions Club.

It is that time of year: elect your new club leaders. Try and find those who will do their job and help your club to become stronger so you can do more to help the people we support. Remember, every club needs to submit a PU101 whether or not you change officers, and we need phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Electronically is the easiest way to do it.

Once again I am challenging Club Presidents to lead by example, sponsor one or more new members and challenge your club to exceed your efforts.

It is also a good time to plan your summer fund-raisers and projects.   Keeping members active is a big part of retaining membership. Why pay dues and go to meetings if you are not doing anything productive

Sponsor and mentor new members; what you do today will pay dividends in the future.

Bill Rowe
District Governor, Single District 10

Pictures of presentation to SD10 Lions from Teaching Family Homes Program Manager and
Lion Jim Whalen to SD10 Governor Bill Rowe

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