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When caring people join together, roll up their sleeves and take action to make their community better, it’s a beautiful thing – and an incredible feeling for everyone involved.
That’s Lions.

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May 19, 2024
Powers Spalding Lions
Pancake Breakfast & Bake Sale
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May 23 – June 13, 2024
Golf for Good: The Eversight Vision Classic
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May 31, 2024
Drummond Island Lions
Murder Mystery Party
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June 1, 2024
Munising Lions Club:
5th Annual Eyes Open Golf Tournament
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December 31, 2023

New Years Wishes from the District Governor

Dear District 10 Lions,

It is the beginning of 2024 and halfway through my District Governor year. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you at your clubs, but there are many clubs I would still like to see before the end of my Governors term on July 1st. My first resolution for 2024 is to do that: to come say hello and see what it is that you do to build community and help your fellow citizens in the towns that you live in.

 Reflecting on 2023, I would say that the best part of the year for me has been to witness what the clubs of our district have been doing. The collaborative impact is astonishing and it’s hard to see that unless you are in the position of being able to visit all of them, as I have. However, there is a nagging problem facing our district that is ever present and that needs attention.

We all know that as our clubs age, if they are not revitalized with new people, new ideas and new projects, they will have trouble surviving. Although we have maintained our district membership this year, It is with great sadness that I am reporting the closure of 2 of our clubs this year, Champion and Iron Mountain. The cultural landscape that made service clubs attractive when our district was first growing has shifted, and it takes creative energy to find what makes us relevant and attractive to modern families living in today’s reality. Some clubs have found a way to do that.

Let’s make a second resolution for 2024 together to help your club navigate how to be more relevant and inspirational to your community and to generate the new members and energy needed to propel your clubs positive impact into the next generation. Finding the right new members and empowering them to accomplish their visions for the community is both the answer to that dilemma and the way that you can hand those new members the gift of a community service platform that brings you all together and has made you the best of lifelong friends.

DG Dan

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Newsletter IconSD10 Newsletter for May 2024 is now available

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was deeply touched and absolutely surprised by the Presidential award. It means a great deal to me and the work being done for Gwinn and SD10.

The Food Drive between Ishpeming and Gwinn, though comical and good natured, has drawn a great deal of interest by clubs already wanting to capture the trophy for themselves. That is exactly as it was intended. I speak for Kurt and I – the REAL winners are the food pantries.

In Gwinn, the total number of garden sites was fulfilled last night before the Gwinn School board – unanimous adoption of the installation of 2 food production gardens at the high school. That site is the 9th and final number of sites we will use to 1) grow improved nutrient dense food for kids and 2) grow more UP Smart™ food varieties as we increase seed varieties to over 130 designed for growing in the UP.

I am proud of Gwinn and all the struggles we face but GWINN will become a seed repository for what will be a UP seed distribution center for the entire UP, thanks in part to the support of the SD10 Lions.

An honor to serve,
Lion Steve Finley


New emergency phone number:

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June 14, 2024

The Upper Peninsula Human Trafficking Task Force has scheduled a Round-Table discussion with State of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel > more information


June 13 – 15, 2024
Heart Of The North Lions Club
Volunteers needed
Bark River Playground Project Installation
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Urgent Need for Puppy Raisers!
Spring is here, and so are more litters of puppies! We are very thankful that they are healthy and adorable (of course), but that doesn’t diminish our need for new volunteers to step forward TODAY > more information


New Members?
Because the new Lions Portal isn’t finished, we cannot access the new member accounts. If you have new members, please email us the information and we can get the packets sent out to you. We need:
Name of new member
Date for the certificates
Name of Sponsor

Thank you!
PDG Bill and Lion Lee


Effective April 12th New Lions Portal
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Your Club’s Leadership Transition
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Stay Focused on Growth
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Your Road Map to a Successful Club
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Programs to help your club succeed
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10 Ways to Recruit New Members
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Prepare yourself for the role of club president
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Welcome 2023-2024 Lions Club Officer!

You hold a unique position to empower your club and guide it to success during your term.
The Managing a club webpage is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to be successful in your new role, including resources, videos, and more.

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VSP Vision – Global Eyes of Hope
Information and Fellowship Forms
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Bay Cliff Health Camp


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Lions Virtual LogoMore than 150 videos made by Lions for Lions on topics ranging from membership, inspiration, leadership & more. While you are there, subscribe to the Lions Virtual YouTube Channel for free to be notified of new content.
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Lion Leaders of SD10,
The 4th Annual LCIF Tell-A-Thon is only 4 weeks away and we are honored and excited to have Vice President Fabricio Olivera as the emcee!!! This informational, exciting and entertaining event highlights the grrreat work of Lions and LCIF around the world! The attachments explain the purpose of the Tell-A-Thon, how to watch it and how to donate to LCIF!!!

Please share this information on the website, Facebook and via email to all of our clubs!!! Our number one goal of the Tell-A-Thon is to educate every Lion in the world about our grrreat Lions Club International Foundation and the impact of our grants around the world!!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!
Yours in Service,
Trustee Jenny Ware
Tell-A-Thon Committee

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2024 LCI Peace Poster and Essay Contest kits are available by contacting 1VDG Scott at

Peace Poster Contest | Lions Clubs International
Creating peace posters gives children everywhere the chance to express their visions of peace and inspire the world through art and creativity. Blind and visually impaired students can participate by writing an essay promoting the contest theme. > more information

Let’s get a winner from D-10! Order your kit today!


Health Fairs Wellness Events In Your Community
The District 10 Childhood Cancer Team plans to market our assistance programs to local community health and wellness fairs in 2024. If you know or hear of an event in your community or would like to plan your own event, please contact Lion Chris Smith, D-10 Childhood Cancer Chair at: or call 313-682-8900.


Important Notice to District 10 Lions,
Why Must We Report Club Service Hours?
Lions Clubs International is the largest humanitarian service organization in the world. We track every service hour served globally. To maintain this very important status, please report your club/ individual member service hours.
To make it easy, contact PDG Jim Svinicki, our District Service Chair and he will be happy to report your service hours on behalf of your club/ individual directly to Lions Clubs International. He will need:
Date of Service
Club or Individual Name:
Short Description of Service Project:
Number of Service Hours Reported:
Number of Club Lions/ Volunteers Preforming Service:
Contact Lion:
Every service hour makes a difference! Thank you!
James Svinicki


D10 Technology Grant Program The District 10 Lions announce a new grant program for District 10 Lions Clubs. The D10 Technology Grant Program is an opportunity for Lions Clubs in D10 to receive up to $500 in “matching” funds from D10 for the purpose of purchasing technology infrastructure to assist in their mission to serve the communities of District 10.

Click here to download grant program form (updated October 2022)


Membership Packets
As Global Membership Chair, I request packets from the International.  When new members are posted on the International site, we print out certificates and letters from the Governor for both sponsor and new member.  These are then mailed to the secretary or president of the club, and usually arrive within two days.
The packets also include information on Lions, a discount certificate from the Lions store, pins for both new member and sponsor, and a pen for the new member.
If you would like to receive the packets early, just email with the name of the new member, the name of the sponsor, and the date of the induction.
Global Membership Chair and PDG Bill Rowe


Patridge Creek Farms online survey for expansion into your area:
Please click below to fill out a survey to identify local people who are interested in creating community gardens, building a local food system, and working with Farm to School education. This will be followed up with a club visit and hopefully bring in local food champions for an open meeting to see how we can work with them to strengthen our local food education and food systems.
Thank you,
VDG Dan Perkins
From Around The District


District 10 Convention Bowling & Shuffleboard Challenge
Pictured are 3 members of the Powers Spalding Lions and 3 members of the Bark River Lions. At the recent District 10 Convention held in Ishpeming, our banquet was held in a facility attached to a bowling alley. After the banquet, these 6 Lions each threw a $40.00 contribution in a pot for a bowling challenge where the winning team got to pick where the money raised would be donated.
We are proud to report that the Powers Spalding team were the winners and donated $240.00 to the UP SexTrafficking program!
After this photo was taken an additional healthy competition continued with shuffleboard. $120.00 collected by the winners DG Dan Perkins and 2VDGE Gary Perala were donated to UPLionsServe.
In the midst of fun (and possibly a few adult beverages) Lions will always have the heart of a Lion and 2 very important District 10 supported programs were the ultimate winners!

Bowling Challenge

Bark River Lions Donate to D-10 Leader Dog Puppy Auction
Thank you all for your support of Leader Dog…sounds like you all have a VIP Leader puppy. As we continue to serve and fill the needs of service gaps, I want to share this short video of a young client of ours named Caleb. He has been able to succeed through our teen orientation and mobility program (new this year) and our existing teen summer camp…all thanks to your club! Keep up the great work and together we serve,
Lion Beth
Watch Caleb’s story:

District 10 Convention 2024, Ishpeming, MI
Some photos from Sunday: Necrology Service

District 10 Convention 2024, Ishpeming, MI
Some photos from Saturday

District 10 Convention 2024, Ishpeming, MI
Some photos from Friday night

Bark River Harris Leo Club
The Bark River Harris Leo Club made donations to the Heart of the North Lions Club Playground Project. Pictured are Matthew G. who is Vice President of the Leo Club and Jane L. from the Heart of the North Club.
They also made a donation to the Bay de Noc Community College food pantry. Members of the club presented the check to Jennifer Pickle who is the TRIO Program Coordinator.

District Leaders Visit Drummond Island:
District 10 leaders attended the Drummond Island Lions Club Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, March 16th. Representing District 10 are District Governor Dan Perkins, 1st Vice District Governor Scott Kwarciany, PDG Jim Svinicki and Zone Chair Tracy Movalson. Drummond Island Lions Club members are PDG Duane Goltz, Judy Goltz, Teri Underhill, Shiela Seaman, Marty Kadolph, Charlie Kubilius, and Cristina Kolo.

Drummond Island

Powers Spalding Lions Club:
Powers Spalding Lions donates $4750 to the NCA Guarantee Scholarship Fund

From Around The District


Manistique Lions Club:
Manistique Lions Club Rejuvenates Bellaire Memorial at Big Springs (click to view)

Gladstone Lions Club:
Gladstone Lions Donations in 2023/24 (click to view)

Powers Spalding Lions Club:
Photos from 1st Annual The Free And The Brave

Northwoods Airlifeline
NWALL representative Lee Rowe presenting checks donated in IPDG Gretchen’s honor to NWALL Vice President Jesse Bell

Lions Build Accessible Gardens at School
This past weekend The D-10 Lions joined forces with the Lakeview Garden Committee at the Lakeview Elementary School in Negaunee to build accessible ADA compliant pathways to the 20 garden beds in the Courtyard garden area. The crew installed 250 feet of 5-8’ wide brick lined paths infilled with 90,000# of compacted 3FA crusher fines that had to be wheel barrowed in from an outside parking lot through the building into the central courtyard.
This event was an example of how many hands can get a large project done in a relatively short period of time. It was an opportunity for our younger Lions to step up and put their youthful strength and energy into public service. At least 2 young adults will sign up to be Lions in our Ishpeming Club from their participation on this project. If you want to grow your club, take on a large project way outside your comfort zone and beg your friends, neighbors, and kids to help get it done.
DG Dan Perkins

Gwinn Lions Club
1st VDG Scott Kwarciany attended Gwinn Lions Club charter night and inducted new member Tammy Wills. Kris Patterson was her sponsor. Lions Scott also spoke briefly to the club and gave us words of encouragement.


Marquette Lions Club
12 members of Marquette Lions Club came together with pizza, snacks, homemade cake and good cheer to sort donated eye glasses.
Many of the local eye doctor offices maintain a recycle center for donations which Lion Kerry McGinley collects periodically. The glasses that are intact and in good condition are packed in boxes to be sent out for distribution to areas in need.

Partridge Creek Farm
Lion Adam Seelen of the Ishpeming Lions Club volunteered his time today to pour and finish a concrete slab for a Coolbot refridgerated storage container that will be used to store the fresh produce harvested at the new Intergenerational Farm being built in Ishpeming


Lions of Michigan hosting auditions for All-State Band
Watch video:

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