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Leader Dogs For The Blind

Leader Dogs For The Blind LogoLocated in Rochester, Michigan, The Leader Dogs for the Blind is a Non-Profit Organization that is committed to providing the legally blind with a means to assist them in living a full and more independent life.
Leader Dog accepts and trains students from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, and many other countries throughout the world. The school provides transportation for students from the United States and Canada. Room and board, the costs of training and all Leader Dog services are free of charge. Leader Dog is supported by Lions clubs, private donations, and corporate sponsorships.
Today, Leader Dogs for the Blind is proud to have assisted over 12,500 people in achieving the freedom of safe and independent travel. Graduating approximately 300 teams a year, the school serves individuals from all areas of the globe. And, Leader Dog is one of only two schools in the world to offer dog guides to persons who are both deaf and blind.

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Diabetes Outreach Network

Diabetes Outreach Network LogoThe Diabetes Outreach Network is a community health project that has been in existence since 1985 that provides educational programs to update health care professionals on diabetes issues.

They also develop and share materials on diabetes prevention, detection, and treatment. Work with community groups and media sources to alert the public that diabetes is very common, costly, always serious, and controllable. Assist agencies and providers with setting up diabetes care management systems to measure outcomes.

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Lions of Michigan Service Foundation

Lions Of Michigan Foundation LogoLocated in Lansing, Michigan, the Lions of Michigan Service Foundation (LMSF) is a charitable organization that exists to assist in the betterment of the quality of life of people in Michigan having unmet needs. The LMSF provides financial support in cases where the need for services exceeds the funding capacity of a single Lions Club. Some of the LMSF objectives are:

  • Sight & Hearing Conservation
  • Medical Care & Expenses
  • Activities For The Disabled
  • Emergency Disaster Relief
  • Community Development
  • Youth Activities & Services

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