Childhood Cancer

Lions Take on Childhood Cancer

The Upper Peninsula Lions have added Childhood Cancer as one of our focus areas. If you know of a family with a child fighting cancer, please let them know that we may be able to lend a helping hand.

Please contact:

Lion Chris Smith
SD10 Pediatric Cancer Chairman

Please make all donation checks out to:
Single District 10 Lions Pediatric Cancer

Please send donations to:

Single District 10 Lions Pediatric Cancer
PO BOX 107
Engadine, Michigan   49827

The MI Lions Childhood Cancer Committee has two Facebook pages. If you’re not already a member of both, we invite you to join us!


June 2023 | November 2023

Childhood Cancer

Kids Kicking Cancer

Many of you have asked “What can we do to help with the childhood cancer initiative?”

Here are a few needs as identified by the three focus organizations:

Maggie’s Wigs for Kids

Maggie’s has provided wigs and hair restoration to 4,700 children and 3, to be exact, in Chippewa and Houghton counties of the Upper Peninsula.  Currently, there is also a little girl from Menomonee who may be in need of this service.  This organization serves children ages 3-18.

  1. Donate your hair and /or encourage the salon you frequent to become a registered salon so as to be able to donate hair. This may be a great fundraiser for the month of September, since that is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  We could do this Upper Peninsula wide.
  2. Sponsor a wig for a child which cost approximately $800.
  3. Kids need crocheted, knitted, sewn hats/scarves and blankets.
  4. Write your congressman to get wigs covered by insurance: HB 4357 and 4358 /   SB 234 and 235.
  5. Monetary donations can always help from Lion fundraiser projects.
  6. Volunteer

Kids Kicking Cancer

Kids Kicking Cancer is a global organization dedicated to lowering the pain of children through the teaching of martial arts as a therapy.  All services are provided at no cost to children and their families affected by cancer.

  1. Monetary donations from Lions fundraisers can pay for martial art sessions, counseling sessions, uniforms, etc.
  2. Lions can collect books for all ages, gift cards from places like Target, Walmart, Meijer in small amounts like $5-$10 as these go into welcome bags for the kids.
  3. Gas cards for travel and cards for food
  4. Volunteer

Camp Quality

This organization serves children ages 4-17 and provides summer camps to children and families affected by childhood cancer.  It also provides year round programs to enhance children’s Quality of life.

  1. Monetary donations are helpful to sponsor a child at camp- $1200 for a child to attend and $2500 for a family to attend. This would be the cost for a weeklong camp experience.
  2. Lions can volunteer to be a companion to a camper at one of the week long camps.
  3. Lions can help at a camp for a specific activity or day. You can also volunteer to share hobbies or skills with campers.
  4. Clubs can collect items needed for camp like colored paper, pencils, water, pillowcases and blankets.

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