February 17, 2024: Value Added Veggie Gardening with Flowers, Fungi, Herbs and Spice

Gwinn Seed Library

Hello Gwinn Seed Library Seeders!

This past Saturday was our first workshop for 2024! Featured were 25 seed varieties that were Yoop tolerant for our growing conditions.

A few new ones for 2024 growing were identified as well. Several of the varieties were talked about for color, taste, yield and storage. All participants left with seeds to plant for 2024 and a promise to return seeds to the Gwinn Seed Library!

Next Workshop
Our next workshop is 17 February, 1pm, Gwinn Community ChurchValue Added Veggie Gardening with Flowers, Fungi, Herbs and Spices: Enhance your gardening experience. Spice it up or relax with a cup of homegrown tea while using the garden space more efficiently. Samples will be available. Presenter – Grace AaltoRosenbaum, an excellent presenter and long-time UP grower.  I ENCOURAGE all of you to come. Grace is a wealth of growing information!

Intensive Gardening
There is always talk about gardening techniques. Use the below link to get into a Mother Earth News article on intensive gardening techniques. And, Mother Earth News is carried at the Forsyth Township Library or you can go online to access many of the MENs articles – some great reading.

Dilly Bean Recipe – High Mowing Seeds
Green or yellow beans with stem ends trimmed, enough to stuff into a quart sized jar standing straight up and down  (my favorites are Kentucky Wonder Pole and Bush)
1 or 2 large garlic cloves, cut in half
2 or 3 large sprigs of dill weed
1 or 2 dill flower heads
1 TBSP of sea salt
4 TBSP of whey (if you do not have whey, you can double the salt)
Spring water

See you the 17th!
Steve, Seedbearer

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